Driver Distance

 Driver Distance

What do you think about when you have a golf driver in your hand on the first tee? If you are thinking about improving the longest drive you can drive the ball the you are not alone. We all want to achieve maximum golf driver distance off the tee when the shot requires it. So how are you going to accomplish this goal?

“Grip it and rip it,” or “Swing out of your shoes” is not the best advice. But the fact of the matter is that to make the ball travel further you are going to need to add club-head speed to your swing. There are a number of factors that need to happen when you swing to increase your club-head speed.

    Developing the proper grip that is firm enough to hold the club without tensing your muscles.

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    Hitting the ball in the center of the club-face. Insuring that you have “athletic balance” through out your swing storing maximum power in your core as you make your back-swing. Insuring that you are maintaining your “lag” and not “casting.” Making a completed turn on your down-swing so that you finish with your chest pointing at the target.

Watching the “Pro’s” hit the ball on television or a short video makes the task seem easy until we go to the golf driving range and attempt to duplicate their efforts. Somehow making your body perform the way a professional does is not something that you can instantly repeat. It is going to take some practice and technique to learn how to coil and store power on the back-swing. Then to release that power through the ball at the precise moment on the down-swing.

Free Golf Driver Distance Course

One of the things that I have personally fought is the insane urge to grip down on the club at the top of my down-swing to somehow power the club through the ball. The result of this is usually disastrous, I would chunk the ground before I actually came into contact with the ball. In an effort to rid myself of this quirk I went looking about for some advise.  I found it at Eric Jones Target Centered Golf site.

I found out something quite interesting.  Those times when that insane urge to grip down on the club occurred were also the same times when I had allowed my weight to shift outside of my core over to the right.  In a word I was not in balance.  Knowing this my body took over to get me back into balance.  This caused me to lunge at the ball with an all arms/no body turn type of swing with the predictable bad result.

Here is the thing, most of the frustration that we experience on the golf course is not necessarily the bad shot that we might make. The key is to know what we did wrong so that we can correct it and avoid repeating the same mistake. The challenge is that we cannot stand outside ourselves and see what we are doing and our partners can rarely analyze what they saw us do.

Eric Jones is a former World Long-drive Champion. As a PGA teaching professional he has developed a free distance course to help us correct many of the common golfing mistakes that we make.  As a former long-driving champion Eric understands the subtle mechanics of increasing your swing speed while enabling you to maintain total control of your body throughout the swing.   If you have ever tried to swing “really” hard you have surely discovered that it does not take too much for the wheels to come off with a 75 yard  “phutui” as a result for your efforts.

The process of adding 20 yards to the distance of your swing is accomplished by learning to incorporate the above list into your swing.  Interestingly it only takes a speed increase of 8 miles per hour to get a distance increase of 20 yards.

Using his “happy toes” technique you will learn to keep your body in dynamic athletic balance throughout the swing.  This will eliminate the need for the body to intervene and “keep” you in balance.  When you are in balance, you can make a “full” turn on the back-swing and the down-swing.  By making a full turn you are able to transfer your weight from your back (non-target) side to your target side foot without blocking the shot with your body.  With the “lag” (wrist-cock) released in the proper sequence as you are turning toward your target you are able to deliver maximum power to your shot.   The great thing I have discovered is that a properly executed swing feels totally effortless.

Improve Driver Distance on the Golf Driving Range

Nothing in life is really free, so even though Eric Jones is giving you a free course to increase your driver distance, you will have to put in the work to learn how to apply his lessons.  There is another course that Eric is offering that you might want to consider, this one is how to practice.  It will set you back a whole $4.95

You can’t get to someplace that you have never been with out a map, the same is true for your swing.  To measure your progress you will need a map, which is a  plan for practicing with some  statistics that you keep as you play.   Learning to practice with a purpose will help you to see some remarkable results in a short time span.

Hit them straight and seldom

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