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I am not a professional golfer, just another in a multitude who has been bitten by the bug.  In fact I got so infected that I went on a personal journey for a number of years to figure out how to break 100, then 90, then whoohoo 80 which I have managed to do on occasion.  Along the way I had a number of teachers.  Some motor-mouthed instructors who left me more dazed and confused than when I began and others who took the time to make sure that I took one concept at a time away from my lessons.

The best teachers by far were the DVD’s that I could pause practice and replay until I finally got my body to cooperate with my brain.

That is my hope for you.  As you read the reviews and articles maybe you can get one thing that you can apply that will help with whatever aspect of the game that you need help with at the time.

If you have any questions regarding the content in this website, about the products that are mentioned, or just any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact me at the following address. I’d also love to hear any feedback on the site if you’ve found it helpful or have some ideas about how I can improve the site in some way.

I will reply to all messages as soon as possible.

Michael Brown

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