Purepoint Golf, A Review

Purepoint Golf Video

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Purepoint Golf A Review

Purepoint Golf came to my attention compliments of Jack MorehouseGolf Instruction Videos , the “Break 80″ guy. I visited the link he sent out with a mixture of curiosity and desperation. Curious to see if there was anything there and desperate to finally find some golf instruction that I could actually follow.

I live in the mountains of Colorado outside Denver. It is snowing as I write this, our season is about 5 months long and hopefully it will begin next month. I started this blog because I love the game and wanted to write about my experiences. A few years ago after a particularly poor season I decided to work on my game in a serious way. This led me on a quest to find the best online instruction possible. I tried many systems, and own a whole library of books about the game. I had many subscriptions to different magazines each year about this time I would go through the library and read up on a technique that I would apply for the coming season. That year I determined that things would be different.

The game of golf can be the most exhilarating and also the most frustrating. Sure we enjoy the scenery and like the time in the great outdoors but sometimes in spite of our best efforts we can’t seem to execute the necessary moves to get our golf swing to co-operate. I shared that frustration and for years I struggled to develop a consistent game that would send me home feeling satisfied. After chasing my sliced drive into the woods and taking 6 more strokes to get to the hole, I would step onto the next green with destroyed courage and repeat the same scene. One time when playing as a single with another threesome I was told to pick up my ball and leave after taking 6 strokes from less than 50 yards away.

Purepoint Golf Training

I took lessons from a few pro’s who spoke so fast and covered so many subtleties that I was more confused after the lesson than before I took it. I tried video camera lessons which mapped my swing path and found myself trying to look at a monitor instead of looking at the ball. I bought and now own a library of great books on the subject of golf from Bobby Jones to Ben Hogan to John Jacobs and Jim Flick. I subscribed to Golf Digest and Golf Magazine and developed a “swing of the day” which worked for a week until I read another expert and tried his system instead. Natural Golf with sideways baseball swing turned me from a slicer to a hooker, but more often a shanker. I bought e-books with tips and techniques and spent a fortune checking out the various promises made by the so called “gurus”. And oh yes, I bought a few of the latest drivers for good measure just to see if I could get the “50 yards more”. For years I struggled to find a source of golfing instruction that would give me a simple, approach that I could use to get the ball from the tee box to the hole in a consistent way.

Maybe your experience has not been that extreme but I’m sure that you can relate to a few of these quests to improve your golf swing. My quest for the perfect golf swing has not ended.

I visited Purepoint Golf thinking I would cautiously check it out. The price seemed right in terms of what was currently being charged for videos of that type. When it arrived a few days later I sat down and watched it all the way through. I was frankly amazed at what I saw, the game of golf was not only explained in a way I could understand but also broken down into a step by step process so that I could analyze the poor shot that had just happened and take the steps necessary to correct it.

In the game of golf it is impossible to see your swing so you can only tell what your swing looks like by the results that you get. For instance if you slice the ball; what was wrong with your setup and swing that caused that slice to occur? Physically we rarely know when we setup to the ball if we are out of position, alignment, etcetera. How many times have you stood behind someone on the tee box and watched them mis-align themselves?

Further how many times have you stopped them and said whoa, you’re lined up way left of the target? Most of the time golf etiquette demands that we quietly ignore the mistakes we see our partners make and only compliment the occasional great shots. This is fine as nobody likes to be embarrassed but it sure would be nice to know what I was doing when I made that poor shot.

Purepoint Golf Training DVD’s

The DVD that I ordered, finally, showed me how to analyze my poor shots and then take the steps to change my “grip” “alignment” “stance” “takeaway” or what ever to begin to achieve the shots that I wanted to make. The short game video enabled me to consistently hit my short chips and pitches. Most importantly I began to develop confidence in my game that I could begin to hit the ball where I wanted and have it land within a few feet of my target for my chipping and pitching. That was huge in terms of lowering my score.

Perfect Impact DVD
The Perfect Impact DVD”> golf site has grown over the last few years from offering one DVD on the Full Swing to a full blown membership site with an inexpensive apprentice program. The golf training video offerings include:

* The Full Swing DVD
* The Short Game DVD
* The Driver DVD
* The Draw/Anti-Slice DVD
* The Bunker DVD
* Pitching/Lob DVD
* Trouble Shots DVD
* Maximum Distance DVD
* Perfect Impact DVD
* Swing Plane DVD

In addition to the video’s there is also ” The Apprentice Club ” which members can receive in depth video tips and training on all aspects of the golf game along with a forum moderated by the Pro, Bobby Eldridge so that your personal questions are answered. There you can also receive excellent practice and exercise tips to get and keep your game in top shape. In addition there are down loadable video clips that will fit your Ipod as well as stat tracking sheets to help you chart your progress.

Over the coming months I will be publishing articles with tips and techniques as well as a look at the fun places in the Colorado mountains where I like to play golf. Have a great day and thanks for visiting, I welcome your comments.

Hit them straight and seldom.

Michael Brown

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